One week

I cant believe that in almost one week I will be flying out of Norfolk and meeting everyone in NY to then fly together to Africa. This past weekend I finally got most of the things I will need for the trip. Thifting was my favorite part of course because I got 5 pair of pants for under $20.00!  That is what I call working with a budget!

Now today I get to fix all the pants I bought this weekend. While I am in Africa we have to make sure to have our shoulders covered and our pants need to be below the knee. So lucky for me I  can sew! I will be cutting and hemming all of my pants this afternoon and probably for the rest of the week. I’m actually really looking forward to it because i think it will give me some time to really think about everything the trip will be offering me and what an experience this is going to be and how I am going to bring it back to my VWC community so they experience some of the things I will be going through once the fall is here and everyone is back at school.

Leaving on a positive note… I have raised just about 1500 dollars for the trek! I am still fundraiser but I am getting closer and closer and it just makes me feel so blessed to see how many people are supporting me and my passion!


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