On the plane 4:33am 7/17/13

Well I made it to NYC in one piece. It was actually a really smooth flight. But the plane was so small which made me a little more nervous than I already was. But I got through it all, go me! As I was reading about Pat Summitt on the flight I thought about how she was the first person other than my mom that showed me that women can do anything. I also started to think how differently thing would have been if I applied for my dream school, UT. I’m very glad a choose to be a Marlin though.

So when we landed in NYC we were taxied for an hour! it was so long and i was so hungry! I finally met the girls at Bdubs. As we waiting for our flight we were all so shy! It was funny though because I don’t think I have ever been with this many girls and not hear anyone talking. We are still on our flight to Dakar. We boarded late and we didn’t take off until about an hour later than we were supposed to. It’s about 4:30am right now and everyone is pretty much asleep well besides me, which is so normal since I don’t sleep! I am just so excited and ready to land and make a difference. This is so out of my comfort zone but i have to make my VWC family proud so I need to be my outgoing self and not let my nerves get the best of me.


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