Travel Day- 7/16/13 5;24pm

Travel Day- 7/16/13 5;24pm

Today is the day! I am sitting here at the airport waiting to board. I’m so nervous! I have never flown alone before so this flight from Norfolk to JFK is going to be a treat.
Sitting here i am just feeling so blessed that VWC selected me to represent them, I mean I wasn’t even going to apply because I didn’t think I would get it! Crazy to think about. I know everyone keeps saying how proud they are of me but i just really hope I am expressing how grateful I am for their support. I have raised over 1700 for this trip and that would have never been possible without all the family and friends supporting me and my passion.
Coming into VWC i would never have guessed i would 1) go greek – Sigma is my home. Yes, my sisters are crazy and sometimes we don’t understand each other but they stepped up when it came to CofS. They supported the cause to give women rights and an education all around the world. And 2) I never thought i would not only represent the Greek community but i would represent the Vwc community on a Trek to Africa. I am praying I make them proud. I cant wait to meet everyone!!!

This photo has all the girls that went on the Trek:
Kristen Lynn
Jordan Tojo
Nicole Hughes
Paola Rivera
GInny Carroll
Emily Christensen
Erin Kelly
Meg O’Brien
Mary-Kate Slone
Katie Andrews
Lynlee Jackson
Elana Katz
Riley Shipman
Sparling Wilson


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