One week

I cant believe that in almost one week I will be flying out of Norfolk and meeting everyone in NY to then fly together to Africa. This past weekend I finally got most of the things I will need for the trip. Thifting was my favorite part of course because I got 5 pair of pants for under $20.00!  That is what I call working with a budget!

Now today I get to fix all the pants I bought this weekend. While I am in Africa we have to make sure to have our shoulders covered and our pants need to be below the knee. So lucky for me I  can sew! I will be cutting and hemming all of my pants this afternoon and probably for the rest of the week. I’m actually really looking forward to it because i think it will give me some time to really think about everything the trip will be offering me and what an experience this is going to be and how I am going to bring it back to my VWC community so they experience some of the things I will be going through once the fall is here and everyone is back at school.

Leaving on a positive note… I have raised just about 1500 dollars for the trek! I am still fundraiser but I am getting closer and closer and it just makes me feel so blessed to see how many people are supporting me and my passion!


Over the next two weeks Circle of Sisterhood


Over the next two weeks Circle of Sisterhood will be sharing a little bit about all of the women going on the Trek. Here is the link below to meet a few of the wonderful girls I will be sharing a life changing experience with 🙂


Had and amazing conference call last night with all the women that are going to be on the Trek in just over 2 weeks! I can’t believe I will be leaving before we all know it. Last night we found out that we will be in the village for 5 nights which is more than we originally thought which is awesome. As of July 1st Senegal is requiring anyone coming in to have a Visa so I applied and pre- registered for that this morning. I attached the link of the hotel we will be staying in while we are in Dakar the first and last night of our trip.

I have raised just over 1,000 dollars so far. Gotta keep that fund-raising going. Just gotta keep telling myself every little bit counts and it will all work out.

I mean Hey I’m going to Africa 🙂

Trek Itinerary

This is what we will be doing everyday so you can get a little bit of an idea. When I get more information on things I will post them 🙂

This is what we were told a day would look like:

6:00 am
8:00–12:00 pm
Work (Group A)
10:30–12:00 pm
Cultural Education &
12:00 pm
1:00 pm
Group Reflection
2:00–5:00 pm
Work (Group B)
2:00–3:30 pm
Cultural Education &
Water Pumping
5:00 pm
6:00 pm
Return to host
9:00 pm
Go to bed

And this is what our week will look like….

Day 1

Depart USA and arrive in Dakar. Overnight in Dakar

 Day 2
Travel to buildOn Region by van. Orientation. Overnight in town
 Day 3
 Travel to village. Welcome ceremony. Groundbreaking. Spend first night with host families
 Day 4–5
 Work on the construction of the school. Live with host families. Daily Culture & Education workshops. Daily group reflection, journaling and reflection activities
 Day 6
 Leave village.  Travel to Dakar. Overnight in Dakar
Day 7
 Flight Home. Arrive back in USA