The final group!

here are the final five of us going on the trek! Read about me and the other ladies on why we arexecuted to go maybe even what we are worries about. It’s crazy to think I will be on a flight in 48hrs for an adventure of a life time.

Might I mention I haven’t packed yet!!! I better get on that!!



Had and amazing conference call last night with all the women that are going to be on the Trek in just over 2 weeks! I can’t believe I will be leaving before we all know it. Last night we found out that we will be in the village for 5 nights which is more than we originally thought which is awesome. As of July 1st Senegal is requiring anyone coming in to have a Visa so I applied and pre- registered for that this morning. I attached the link of the hotel we will be staying in while we are in Dakar the first and last night of our trip.

I have raised just over 1,000 dollars so far. Gotta keep that fund-raising going. Just gotta keep telling myself every little bit counts and it will all work out.

I mean Hey I’m going to Africa 🙂